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Midsummer fire festival


Hey look what I found! Happy Brewfest everyone!

rant time.

Yesterday it was pouring all day. I was scheduled to open the garden registers even though the rain was practically on the registers and there were no customers. After they came to their senses and closed garden, they stuck me at returns and it took them about 40 minutes to send someone so i could leave. I ended up missing class because of this.

Last night I started feeling sick. Throat hurting, body aches, the sniffles (most likely from standing in the cold rain all morning) and today it’s worse. I called in and I don’t have sick hours. Yet no matter how much they treat me like shit, I feel bad calling in even though I really am sick. I need to stop feeling like this because there are plenty of people that call in or just don’t show up and get away with everything. Laziness is rewarded at that place.

/end rant


Sorry~ Another screenshot!


Darkmoon Faire date!


a disney movie where the princess meets her prince online

A Cinderella Story

The boyfriend always games with Mina on top of his arms. She fell in love with him and went from being my cat to his when he moved out here last year. Spoiled brat. </3


I want to live in a Pandaren home.



Guess it’s time to go casual and give up trying to find a raiding guild and just play around with alts or farm achieves. It’s hard finding good people to play with.

Real life sucks. It’s one thing after another after another. Not interested in also feeling inadequate and worthless in a video game.

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only god can help us now

I just want ONE heirloom at least. T_T