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Server: Skullcrusher (Horde)

♥Kialah ~ 90 Frost Mage



Server: Tiamat

♥Kiala ~ 65 Spiritmaster (Elyos) [retired from game]

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feel free to skip through. long post ahead.

I re-rolled on Siel, because annoyingly enough, its the only server left that isn’t a total ghost town. (also, wtf @ broker prices)

Anyway, my boyfriend and I were excited to level again in Aion during our downtime from WoW.  While leveling, I ran into an old Israphel friend and his fiance. They have been really nice and helpful and are excited for us to get 65.

That’s the thing though. Their excitement is kind of off-putting when the moment we log in…my game isn’t done loading me in and I already have a group invite from them for something or other. They don’t even ask. Its smothering…we just want to log in and level..maybe feed each other esso. We would be 65 already if they weren’t dragging us everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have people that actually want to do stuff and help us get gear..but it’s all so overwhelming. When we hit 65, he’s ready to take me into DR and other end game instances, and I’m like…please just give me a chance to get some AP for stigmas…unless you want me in there healing with level 46 ones.

Re-reading this makes me sound so ungrateful and petty, but a few minutes a day to grind levels and kinna to socket my gear is all I ask. Now I feel obligated to them because his fiance apparently leveled her chanter in order to be my support healer at end game when she was going to leave her at 55.

 I was just planning to casually enjoy and play Aion because I’m not passionate enough about it anymore to be as hardcore as I use to be. To be honest, it’s been a ton of fun leveling and enjoying the game without having to worry about grinding AP or the same instances over and over for hours to keep up with everyone else. Now I kind of have to. :|

Reconnecting with this friend has been great and all, but he makes me not even want to log in anymore.


Durotan - Warlords of Draenor by MrBenPilotti

Order of the Cloud Serpent ceremony. 


Cheers to Wyrmrest Accord. <3

cheers from Skullcrusher! <3 wine



Been cheating on WoW with Aion and I feel kind of guilty.

My cleric is level 42 on Siel though!


Everytime i try to fly... i fall.. without my wings, i feel so small.. 

i actually really grew fond of these wings… they’re so pretty x.x i do however… want the new general wings.. one day *wishes upon a star*

- edit* -  suyji got me the kittie ears <3 rawr!

what am i doing with my life?


i lost it

<3 Blizzard’s April Fools



1. take my loci rezes

2. don’t mind dying

3. are willing to suicide towns to kill certain players

4. get dps off of me when i scream like a dying bird in vent

tl;dr I miss pvping with: Seppuku (Bashed, Leit, Nuub, DeathCat), Akakak (Vampy, Rue, Velsh), xoxo…

+10 but with the friends I had on both isra asmo and tia elyos. Miss what aion use to be in general.

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So the perks of being on a dead server such as israphel…no competition for estates haha.
And yet, there were 2 that never got bid on. Its really sad.


Just gonna leave this here.


It happened…I’ve…betrayed myself…

To justify it I named her Etouffee.

I love her face! Great hair color too.
I wish I could make my asmos look as cute as this. Lol